End of the road for windoze?

July 9, 2006

Its been a month filled with news about linux finally reaching close to being as easy, or easier to use than windows. Why isn’t everyone switching over to linux yet, when it is safer, more stable and easier to use? Every windows user I know, who switched over to linux, felt it was the better of the two operating systems. There have been countless discussions about why people are scared to switch over to linux.. what could fuel this discussion, more than this article I found, posted on one of the forums.

According to the article, Windows users will soon have to update their machines with the new Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) component, whether they like it or not. Why? Because if they DON’T, their machines will stop working after 30 days. With Vista already incorporating a patch that does not allow users to use a dual boot option to switch between windows and linux (and hence not allowing them to install linux on their systems), I wont be surprised if they came up with something like this in their WGAs as well. WGAs will also help avoid pirating, and since a large number of windows users have pirated copies installed, they will have to switch over to linux.
So who’s more happy now? The Linux world !


One Response to “End of the road for windoze?”

  1. tazo Says:

    I had a genuine installation of Windows on my laptop and it said it WASN’T. I was PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amongst the reasons I turned my laptop into Fedora, along wiht all my other comps.

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